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Seatback Pocket Repair Service

BMW "contour" seats can be found on most '95-'01 7-Series and optionally on some '96-'03 5 Series. While comfortable, the seatback map pockets are a common failure item. These pockets commonly break and hang awkwardly in plain sight of rear seat passengers, limiting the functionality of the pockets and detracting from your interior's appearance. Since BMW doesn't sell replacement parts (requiring instead a complete new seatback for over $300 each), and used seatbacks are likely to fail soon (if not already), owners everywhere have been forced to live with drooping pockets.

Until now.

Typically, failed hinges are the problem source. These hidden, spring-loaded hinges were made of under-engineered plastic parts. Over time, the intense spring load causes the hinges to crack and fail. Complicating the matter is the fact that the hinges are molded into the pocket's plastic frame. Attempting to repair the hinges with glue is a woefully inadequate approach regardless of glue type or strength.

As a solution, we offer to repair your existing pockets by removing its broken hinges and replacing them with a custom-designed hinge of much greater strength.

This odd-shaped hinge (based on BMW's original design) is attached to your existing pocket's frame using mechanical fasteners, and is supplemented with a bonding agent for additional strength and stability. Each pocket requires 2 hinges.

Why not offer the hinges for sale seperately? Because installation requires such attention to detail (and patience) that most people's attempts would fail, ruining the pocket. Therefore I offer this as a service only.

Your pockets will be returned completely repaired and ready to install into your seatback panel, and come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. (Read more)

We guarantee our new hinges to be functional and without defects. Over time, other conditions beyond our control may result from use or abuse, such as cracked pocket frames or broken pocket hangers, for which we are not responsible. If making a claim, you are still responsible for return shipping fees. However we will replace any defective hinges and return the pocket to you, all free of charge.

Price: $129/pair (2 pockets) or $85 each, free return shipping

Here's what to do:

  1. Send payment via PayPal to frankie66@suddenlink.net
  2. Remove your broken pockets using these helpful instructions.
  3. Securely package and ship to address shown during PaylPal checkout (or in instructions above).
  4. Once received, we will repair your pockets with new hinges.
  5. Return shipping is free of charge via UPS Ground (with tracking number). International shipping add $40.

Please allow 7-10 days for service.

Your repaired and fully functional seatback pockets will dramatically refresh your 7's interior appearance and bring a smile to your face every time you use them!

Please leave feedback in my guestbook!

Willis, TX, USA